E-Liquid manufacturing and RnD since 2013.

Nearly a year before California Vaping Company opened its doors and started sharing its uniquely blended e-liquids with the public, Dakoda Collins – Co-Founder and Chief Mixologist, was creating his first batches and adding a boutique flare to his creations by experimenting with organic ingredients steeped into his e-liquids. After hundreds of versions of different fruits, desserts, menthols, and a few tobaccos, he had several flavors that stood out among the others.

These finished e-liquids were complex recipes, which layered sometimes dozens of extracts in an artistic way that when vaped, one wouldn’t specifically experience any single flavor, but a multitude of deep tastes that all come together and create something much larger than the sum of its parts. After getting waves of positive feedback, these e-liquids sparked and fueled what California Vaping Company is today.

A truly premium e-liquid that is handcrafted in small batches and calls for the highest grade base ingredients and rare extracts.

To further expand on this mission, California Vaping Company now creates customized extracts through a multi-part process of distilling. The end product of the distillation yields one of many ingredients to a final recipe that produces a more pure and vibrant vaping experience for the user. To further make the eliquid stand out, there are additional processes such as specific steep times and methods for each individual flavor on the line. These are just a few of many examples that show the passion for creativity and excellence that can be traced back to California Vaping Company’s beginning. It can be seen throughout the company’s growth and will always be a part of its future.

– The Cali Vape Co Crew