Kiss me, Idiot (2013)

A young girl named Tale worships theatrical art and is not very interested in new-fashioned gadgets and other modern things. She devotes all his free time to communicate with the same theatrons as she herself. At the same time, she is not interested in what people who surround it are thinking about her - she dresses and behaves as he herself considers it necessary.

In the near future, theatrical troupe is going to put a new play of one of the most famous and religious playwrights of Norway - Yuna Fosse. It is unthinkable, but Tale receives a major role, and now she intends to show everything she has learned in recent years. Only a girl ahead awaits not a success, but full disappointment.

The director's place was taken by a famous actor who currently experiences the flour of creativity, and it seems places that he leaves Muse. In addition, he is dissatisfied with the way Casting among young people on the main male role, or rather, does not suit his selected actor. He looks at the side of the football player, who will have to play a major role in the new play. Only, despite its external data and an athletic figure, the guy is not at all interested in the theater, and he thinks all the time - why does he need all this? A wiped football player and tyrant - the director drives young people crazy, and does not give them to work calmly. But who knows, maybe it is for the better? And perhaps, the play will be plausible, because real feelings come to the game?