Anabolics for gaining muscle mass and strength

Novice athletes who dream of prominent and powerful muscles often think about whether they need anabolic steroids as assistants. Read the article and find out the answer to these and many other questions.

The thing is that there is a lot of negative information about the means for building muscle mass. Therefore, many immediately abandon the idea of ​​taking steroids. buy steroids uk But after all, each drug has its own pros and cons, which means that you need to learn more about anabolic steroids.

Classification of anabolic steroids

In principle, everything that helps to grow muscle mass can be considered anabolic steroids. These are chicken eggs and cottage cheese, for example. Doping are the main groups, there are only five of them:

  • Anabolic steroids.
  • A growth hormone.
  • Insulin.
  • Anti-side drugs - Proviron and HCG, as well as Tamoskifen.
  • Drying agents.
  • Useful speaker combinations

When athletes use anabolic steroids, they often combine several drugs at once or gradually replace some drugs with others during the course. It turns out that by combining several anabolic steroids, it becomes possible to increase the effect of the drugs. The same goes for changing funds.

Due to the fact that several means are used in steroid courses, it becomes possible to really reduce the negative consequences of impressive dosages. By the way, in the aggregate, several drugs during the course of the course can give a greater effect than one remedy. Moreover, the dosage of such drugs is much smaller. But you should definitely consult with a specialist before starting to use steroids - an effective individual course will be drawn up for you, and the negative consequences will bypass you.

For beginners, at the very beginning of classes, a course is used in which anabolic steroids are combined. As for professionals, in this case, there are three main anabolic hormones.

In addition, for professionals, drugs are used that actively fight against negative effects on the body.