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Meet Us

Hello! California Vaping Company was founded on a few, but very important guiding principles. After discovering that vaping could be used to kick the addiction of smoking and use of other harmful tobacco products, we wanted to find out more about what E-Liquid was and what goes into making it. It didn’t take us long to see that many companies and E-Liquid manufacturers were making their products in unsafe conditions and using less than quality ingredients, despite marketing themselves as “Premium” E-Liquid. We also noticed that there was a lot of room for creative flavors and how they were crafted. After countless hours on the web, visiting stores, engaging in the “local vape world”, and experimenting in the lab we came to understand that this was the beginning of an era and much is still to come. This led us to the following:

Make Our E-Liquid as Safe as Possible for Our Clients – “Where is Your E-Liquid Made?”

All California Vaping Company E-Liquid is made in a clean lab environment where we self-regulate ourselves. We believe that just because there are not official laws in place on this industry, it does not mean that we shouldn’t take the necessary precautions for our clients. This includes using lab and medical grade equipment as well as thoroughly cleaning our facility multiple times a day and in between flavors. We source our pharmaceutical grade nicotine and USP/Kosher grade PG and VG from reputable sources, with only the highest of standards. In addition, we strictly limit who comes in contact with our E-Liquid while making it for both safety and quality concerns.

Be Innovative in How We Create Our Products

There are an infinite amount of flavor possibilities out there and we noticed a lot of creativity in people’s juice making, but we also saw that many E-Liquid companies were taking similar routes to get to their end product. Here at California Vaping Company we decided to take everything further and develop applications for our handcrafted E-Liquid line. Our extraction methods for some of our flavors call for finest USDA Organic raw ingredients including Cinnamon Sticks, Vanilla Beans, Cloves, Mint Leaves and much more. Every E-Liquid we make is pre-steeped before leaving our facility and during this time, unique aeration techniques are utilized to create a smooth and flavorful vaping experience that won’t diminish with time. Try any of our flavors and see, taste, and feel the difference.

Always be Engaged and Learning in this E-Liquid Environment

We understand that this is the beginning of a new industry and to not be engaged and learning more about vaping is simply doing the people that use our product a disservice. This is why we are always researching and interacting with our local vape community and vapers abroad to make sure we are up to date on everything that is happening and moving forward. Taking these actions will also teach us exactly what certain markets want and how to safely meet those demands.

Thank you for taking an interest in our company. We hope you learned a little bit about us and gained some insight to what it is we do at California Vaping Company. If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns we welcome you to contact us anytime. Keep Vaping!

- The Cali Vape Co Crew

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