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The California Vaping Company Lab

Where is Your E-Liquid Made?

If you vape California Vaping Company’s E-Liquid, it’s made right here! Our lab is located in the Bio-Tech region of San Diego, CA. We only craft our E-Liquid using NSF certified, lab, or medical-grade equipment. Unlike some E-Liquid manufacturers our product is made from start to finish in this facility.

We take many precautions to keeping our E-Liquid clean including sterilization multiple times a day and in between flavors. We also filter our air to prevent contaminants from entering our production, while it’s being mixed. All of our flavors are steeped in a temperature controlled room in Amber glass containers to prevent UV light from entering.

We are very transparent about the lab in which we make our E-Liquid, so if you ever have any questions please contact us.

The E-Liquid advertised on the California Vaping Company website are for adults 18 years of age or older.

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